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    Honor to Justicpoints?

    So I have had 4k honor since Cata and thought I'd buy justicepoints for everything since I dont plan to PvP.
    Now I have visited the PvP-merchants in Orgrimmar and MoP. Noone sell JP.
    Did I miss the patchnote saying you cant buy JP with honor (apparently you can still do vise versa atleast) or did I miss some merchant?
    Any help is appreciated.

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    This was never possible.

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    are you looking on the trade goods vendor? they should still be on there

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSnail View Post
    This was never possible.
    misinformation. to say the least.

    the honor trade goods vendor still sells JP in SW, so I guess his horde counterpart still does as well.
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    Trade goods vendor, not the jp/hp vendors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSnail View Post
    This was never possible.
    I'd advice you to stop plant false information.
    I've bought JP for honor in the past, and thanks to the other posters I found the vendor.

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