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    2h frost stat priority confusion

    I'm really confused about 2h frost and it's stat weights, i know the weights on EJ are for BiS / 509 ilvl gear but i even simmed my 473 ilvl dk and it's already showing strength at 2.66 and haste at 1.39 (1:2 - 2.66:2.78).
    Yet i rarely find ranked heroic 2h frost dk's really gemming this way, 95% seem to favor str-haste str-hit etc.

    Just.. why? Is simcraft actually incorrect somehow or something?
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    Simcraft assumes a Patchwerk fight (think normal Gara'jal where you never go into the Spirit Realm) where you will have 100% uptime on the boss. This is not the case for most T14 fights where you will have periods of downtime due to movement or straight up not being able to attack (shields / Sleight of Hand on H Spirit Kings, Hide on Lei Shi, Blade Tempest / Unseen Strike on H Blade Lord, etc). Anytime you have downtime, Haste is worth less because you will resource cap if you're not attacking at least 95% of the time.

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    thats what i thought too, what should i set simcraft up to simulate something like zorlok or elegon ?

    e: tried around a bit, helter skelter puts haste much lower, thx
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    You're full of shit honey.

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