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    ghost iron ore going nuts on my server

    So im thinking of mining them myself to reel in the profits. 180g a stack. But when i do mine them what would be best, sell or use them? I have a JC, enchanting, tailoring, inscription and alchemy.

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    Low availability at the moment unless you have bots. people prefer Christmas to farming.
    Look at the price of gems and you have to gauge which sells. Your jc needs to be comprehensive otherwise you are limited to raw gems.
    Just because it says 180 a stack doesnt mean that it will sell even if you use the 1c less art for methods. Try it and see.

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    its like 25g on my server.... sad face

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    27g on mine.

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    What specialization is your alchemist? You could smelt the ore and then xmute it into Trillium Bars depending on the prices they are going for. I would probably just sell them as ore since more people will be able to use them.

    45g a stack on my server.

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    ~70g on mine. Odd though, since on my miner alt I can't seem to fly more than 50 meters without coming across a node. It doesn't seem to be rare at all; must just be a lack of bots on my server.

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    50 on mine, 120 for a stack of bars. I either prospect or send to my alchy to transmute to trill. It takes so much to transmute though it doesn't turn as much as a profit as I would like for the amount of mining I have to do.

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