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    Brawler's fights for warriors

    Hi there
    A little thread that we could share experience from Brawler's?
    I pretty much oneshot everything up until rank 7, and now I'm completely stuck at GG Engineers...so my first question is, how on earth should I complete them? I've got them down to about 50% at best, I die very fast. Even tho I'm using healthpot, HS, bandage, Shield Wall, Die by the Sword and also using Gag order on Bo, and even specced Shockwave for more stuns.

    Any suggestions? My gear ain't the best, ilvl 484, might be a problem, I know.

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    Stick to the gnome, don't stay in the red circles, if you die it's because of them. Second wind outheals the laser. If it doesn't for you, sit in def stance, most of the damage will come from the goblin anyway.

    Btw, the next fight it's the only I died to, and it probably happens to every melee... So a warning, the ghosts have a huge melee range, don't miscalculate and get near them before they are stunned.

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    How much HP did you have? Since Second Wind relies on your total HP.

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    From 380k to 400k, don't remember if I had that buff (PD: At least on my zone there is a raid around to get buffs, so you should normally have +stam)

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    The GG engineers were a pita for me as well. Stick to the gnome and I mean right on top of him. When a rocket gets launched, move out of the way and let the rocket damage him.

    I did it in defensive stance and when he goes under the shield you can either take the totem out or let the rockets do it for you. Either way, be careful because they will take a shit ton of your health if they hit you.

    I'm stuck on the next boss with the ghosts. I have strong DPS but can't seem to keep the ghost count down. My best try had about four ghosts lined up in a row but I was nearing on the enrage timer.

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    Arms + Sweeping Strikes is really nice on the ghost boss, but it took me a while due to ugly spawns (on top of me, on both ends of the arena, etc). The boss after that (Battletron) is really tough (~ 80k sustained dps required) so unless you can push those numbers you can just step away until you got more gear.

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    Spec into Shockwave/Storm Bolt, then alternate between those + charge + fear to deal with avoiding the damage from his casts. It's not essential, but if you're having trouble dealing with his damage that's an easy way around it.

    Just stick ontop of the caster and DPS him, let the rockets hit him and stun him through - easily done.

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    Like previously mentioned, stick on the gnome. Personally I ran around him in a triangle-shape, that way he was always in the red area from incoming rockets, whereas I had enough space to run out and remain dpsing him. When the gnome goes under the shield, switch to the goblin, dance around him as well in a triangle. Once the gnome comes out, switch back to him. You can do this without having to deal damage yourself too much, if you place the rockets right.

    Good luck! : )

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    When your hp drops significantly, switch to defensive stance. That on its own was enough to turn the tables for me.

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    Got the brawlers title yesterday and never had to use any of the stuns mentioned above. only time i deterred from dragon roar/bb combo was on zen'shar where i took bladestorm for aoe.

    its all doable, infact getting rank 8 was pretty easy at 494 ilvl, but the rare mobs are all pretty difficult. expect to wipe on them for hours.

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    Just dodge any voids and burst !!!
    Zerking any boss is a viable way to reach rank 8

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