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    T15 and S13 gear - Holy Shredder on a stick!

    So these are the new sets for Pallies in the next patch, the first being S13 armor and the second being T15 armor.

    Have to say, I really love both sets. S13 armor is the good GLORIOUS GOD of Shredder set (woo to the hoo)

    T15 looks simply lovely

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    I just can't see Paladin in the pvp armor, it seems more fitted to a warrior. (personal opinion) The PvE armor set is ok, but does not have the awe effect of some of the previous tiers.

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    I completely agree with you. Both sets are fine (weird for a paladin, but fine), but the s13 set fits more to a blademaster than a paladin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyron View Post
    I completely agree with you. Both sets are fine (weird for a paladin, but fine), but the s13 set fits more to a blademaster than a paladin.
    Paladins are supposed to have the weird sets!

    I like both of them, especially t15 with the lightning effects.

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    But-hurt much? Appears so!
    Just my opinion they both stink but w/e I xmog my gear these days so who cares.
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    Let's just say I'm really happy for transmog.

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    The yellow version of the tier actually looks great.

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    The last Paladin tier set I actually liked was t12. Thank you Blizz, for tranmog!

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    PvP wise, thank god for transmog. PvE wise, still not sure, need to see it on human female in game first.
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    I don't understand how I'm supposed to be a Holy Warrior in the PvP gear...

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    PvP one isn't bad, but what is the PvE set?! Not that it matters when you get challenge mode set.

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    I saw this title and immediately thought of my favorite movie - TMNT. Shredder breaking through the stage scaring Vanilla Ice. "Go Ninja Go Ninja Go."

    I might have to watch the movie again now that I see the S13 set!

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    MogIt probably.
    The pvp armor poly count around the chest looks off.
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    Quite impressed with T15 but not sure about S13.

    Really though I'm doing my best to not judge any armor until I see it live. There's too many particle effects that don't show otherwise.

    Still, S13 is pretty weird looking - wonder how it'll look on female belfs - but I repeat myself.

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    The tier set is alright, but it could use a few changes imo. The first would be to change the color of the under scales on the pants. I just don't like the green.

    The next would be to change the boot model. I really hate it when they use the model that has a wide top and skinny ankle. It makes the character look overly top heavy. Plate boots should be big clunky things that are great for stomping faces, not dancing around like a fairy.

    The PvP armor is just. . . . bah . . . .I don't have words for how much that does NOT even come close to fitting a Paladin.

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    Pve set looks good.

    The pvp set looks like shit. 7/7 Mythic EN / 3/3 Mythic ToV / 10/10 Mythic NH / 9/9 Mythic ToS some old school CM fun
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    I have no problems with PvE one, but PvP one, if someone asked me which one it was I would have answered warrior, never paladin.
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    ...Was the giant glowing ball on the crotch really that necessary?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanderhuge View Post
    ...Was the giant glowing ball on the crotch really that necessary?
    Yes. Yes it was.

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    I'm having a hard time figuring out what's with the back of the T15 helm. Is the helm holding some sort of energy ball right by the back of our heads? Is it to intimidate our enemies because when we charge them, all they see is our silhouette?

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