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    The PvE armor doesn't look that bad. Would be better with a different effect to it.

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    need preview in 3d

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    Quote Originally Posted by karumayu View Post
    I just can't see Paladin in the pvp armor, it seems more fitted to a warrior. (personal opinion) The PvE armor set is ok, but does not have the awe effect of some of the previous tiers.

    Same here. The warrior gear looks like Paladin gear to me, lol..

    I wonder if they have been mixed up in datamining?

    Edit: The pvp gear i mean

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    PvP looks like a warriors' armor and the pve one doesnt really say paladin, but thats the direction the gear has been in recently. No complaining, got xmog :P

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    Both very horrible.
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    the pvp armor looks like something pulled from anime.
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    Thanks for the blue Mogushan Plate set... Will not waer any of this new armor.

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    I'm betting that the PvE tier 15 set is supposed to match the armor of Lei Shen (the thunder king) in the raid. The armor itself resembles any other mogu armor, with the oddly shaped helm that goes up in the back, the spaulders, especially the lightning that skirts across the whole set. I could definitely imagine the Thunder King's model using something that almost looks like this set. It's happened before in ICC, FL, DS, to name a few; there's almost always a set that matches the main baddie of the raid.

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    PvE set is very, well, paladinish, not much to say.

    But the PvP one... what kind of sick bastard thought this out? I mean, it looks like some sort of fetish sex clothing. Especially this mask, yuck

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    I could have done without those glowing balls on the pve set. They are positioned kinda awkward and like they got tacked on at the last minute because the set was not glowy enough.

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    Hate all you want, but the gray (and why not the purple) version of s13 is one of the best looking plate sets to date. Discluding that hideous helm of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanderhuge View Post
    ...Was the giant glowing ball on the crotch really that necessary?

    That is all.

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