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    Angry Struggling as holy paladin

    Okay in LFR and normal I must admit I am struggling terribly to heal everybody to get good HPS since that is what peeps like dont care about who is alive or not just want good hps. I almost was kicked today because my hps was low against another paladin, prist, druid and shaman. I was at 21k hps in HoF 3rd boss. Unless I blow every CD im 5th or 6th everytime. Now in MSV im top 3 but in the tier progressions im last. I didnt log my latest fight but heres arecent one along with my character.
    worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-v49u8dokjdvn9fkq/[/url] (swiifty)

    I dont want to give up healing I LOVE it I just dont like stuggling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swiifty View Post
    Unless I blow every CD im 5th or 6th everytime.
    You should be blowing every cooldown. They're there to be used.

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