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    Suggestions for mop patches

    As blizzard was going to bring out war in mists of Pandaria, what would you like to see yourself for a patch?

    A patch I would love to see is a patch that will truly bring war to the world with various new scenario's, raids & dungeons placed all around azeroth surrounding the upcomming war, a couple of suggestions could be :

    Scenario's :

    War at thandol span (horde) defense of the Thandol span (alliance) - scenario
    Scenario involving a huge fight around the thandol span, with the alliance seeking to defeat the upcoming forsaken onslaught while the horde want to secure it for themselves. (5 objectives)

    Siege of the Crossroads (horde) a major distraction (alliance) - scenario
    Help the horde defend the crossroads or distract the enemy at the crossroads as Alliance (2 objectives)

    Fall of Azshara (horde) victory at Azshara (alliance) - scenario
    The horde must rescue what it can at Azshara now its under siege by the alliance, as alliance you are going in Bilgewater port with the Si:7 to destroy the whole place. (5 objectives)

    Delaying the enemy (horde) Falling back (alliance) - scenario
    Destroy the alliance fleet moving towards Lordaeron(horde), delay the horde army as long as possible (alliance) (4 objectives)

    Dungeons :

    Evidence of war (gilneas)
    With the alliance having destroyed Bilgewater Port and the horde having captured Thandol span it is now time to take out their leader at Gilneas. (2 bosses)

    Evidence of war (Ashenvale)
    The alliance and horde are clashing upon each other in the middle of Ashenvale. (4 bosses)

    Evidence of war (pandaria)
    The horde and alliance are fighting over their capital cities, defend them at all costs! (3 bosses)

    Raids :

    Horrors of war (Lordearon)
    The alliance and horde are fighting over Andorhal once again, who would win this battle? (5 bosses)

    Horrors of war (menethil harbour)
    The horde is besieging Menethil Harbour, can you keep the horde from destroying it? (3 bosses)

    Horrors of war (The Crossroads)
    After having destroyed Bilgewater Port the alliance is besieging The Crossroads once again. (7 bosses)

    Ultimately if you have done all parts of this patch a new questline would open up, called the next strike. Giving you some more lore information on what to expect later and giving you some very awesome weapon choices with unique looks.

    I think that having a content with lil raids of each 3-4 bosses and little dungeons placed everywhere around azeroth for a content patch would be very nice to see.
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    I like your ideas, they are very enveloping and fit perfectly with the theme of this expansion: Horde-Alliance conflict. Blizzard could take note them undoubtedly.

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