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    [H] <Eradication> 25man semi-casual international guild on auchindoun is recruiting!


    Eradication is the 2nd oldest guild on the Auchindoun server which proves that we have strong roots in the past and we managed to go throught many years without stopping even for a while.

    We are recruiting new people for Mists of Pandaria. At this point everyone are welcome as long as they got a will to level quickly after expansion is launched and get their gear/professions/enchants/gems etc. up to speed as soon as possible.

    - Ranged Dps (Mage, Spriest, Moonkin, Elemental)
    - Maybe a spot for another healer (Priest/Shaman)
    Other applys will be reviewed too.


    MoP: 6/6 MV (2/6HC)
    6/6 HoF (0/6 HC)
    3/4 ToS (0/6 HC)

    Raiding times

    Wednesday - 19:15 - 23:00
    Sunday - 19:15 - 23:00
    Tuesday - 19:15 - 23:00

    How to join?

    If you want to join Eradication please visit conclave.cc/eradication and follow the steps listed in the post there.

    Application possibilities

    We always recruit people and we never shut down doors to anyone so everyone can apply at any given time. The difference comes to what kind of rank you would like to get.

    If you aim for Raider rank you commit for more, but also get more in exchange. As a Raider you need to:

    - Each character marked as Raider needs to attend at least 70% raids per 28 days
    - You are obligated to keep yourself up to date with your class changes and adjust your gemming and enchanting up-to date everytime it`s needed
    - You are obligated to know all boss fights encountered in that specific raid at least from solid theory – eathier by reading about them or watching movies about it – solid theory = you watch it and remember it and all potential abilities. Not knowing the fight overall idea may result in penalties left in the RL gesture.
    - You need to have flasks for whole evening and have it up all the time unless RL says something else
    - You are not allowed to save yourself in other raid if you will be able to join on other raids in the week – you can kill with PUGs bosses we already killed in the raid this week, but you can`t do it on Heroic if we also do Heroics and you shouldn`t kill more bosses than we did so you are able to join on other days (you are excluded from this rule if you raided 3 weeks a row on 100% attendance and you don`t have to attend in any raid in coming week to meet atendance check).
    - Access to TS is a must, having a microphone and option to speak is good to have also, but not necessary
    - To be able to apply for the raider rank you need to meet 2 criteria – experience and gear, both updated over time depending on guild progression in the content

    When it comes to Social rank then only requirement is to just be a nice guy and like to get from the game something else than only numbers and items.

    for more information you may contact me in PM or Kvide, Berthorn, Charien and Bluewarlord ingame

    Have a nice day

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    bump for more applicants

    Sha of fear has been cleared, so current progress is:
    6/6 MV (2/6HC)
    6/6 HoF (0/6 HC)
    4/4 ToS (0/6 HC)

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