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    I'm generally SMF considering it's ahead in most situations, however we're about to start H-Garalon and I have a pretty good understanding of Arms, would it be worthwhile to go Arms for this fight for SS?

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    If you have the weapons for it I'd recommend TG fury, from my personal experience the damage is much better.

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    Cleaves were hotfixed a while ago to be calculated based on the target and not just a percentage of whatever you did to the main target. It used to be: 200% damage to legs + (50% of leg damage at 200%) = 300% total damage done. Now its 200% damage done to legs (50% of your normal damage because the boss has no damage modifiers) = 250%.

    Arms and Combat rogues are no longer leagues ahead of every other spec. Fury can cleave just as easily as arms. Even though its normal, the fight mechanics are essentially the same as dps so here's proof that fury is just fine:

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