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    Engineering worth it?

    I'm currently BS/Enchanting as we didn't have an enchanter in our raid group for quite some time, but now that we've made a few personnel changes, we've added a few enchanters and I'm curious if there is a noticeable dps increase with engineering due to being able to line up bloodbath and the springs. Do you feel it's worth the change from a dps perspective or is it pretty small?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Unless you're really craving to have engineering on your character, then not really.

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    Numbers wise it's probably not worth it but I fucking love being an engineer.

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    Let's see... repairbot in a can, mailbox in a can, Bling, ability to teleport to near Caverns of Time, Outlands, specific places in Northrend, and randomly to Pandaria (15m cooldown, that), slowfall, speed boosts, the ability to see everyone mostly naked (a bit more detrimental since I switched to Horde), and Springs lines up perfectly with Deadly Calm and Bloodbath...

    The only bad thing is that Springs locks out on-use trinkets for the duration of its effect.

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    Well, you probably won't really notice it, but it is another cooldown on top of all the cooldowns you will be using at the time.

    I wouldn't go Engineer if it's the only reason you want to and you like what you already have. But Engineering is a fun profession. Goblin Glider wins lol
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    Engineering provides the highest dps for almost any class because the buff is multiplied by things like Druid buff and other % stat modifiers, so assuming you use the tinker correctly it ends up giving you much more then any other profession overall. It is also better for bursting. You also get Rocket Boots and Goblin Glider which are pretty damn amazing in some encounters.

    You also get Repair bot (jeeves), mailbox, teleports to various locations, a cool flying mount and various other gadgets.

    The downside to being a Engi: it is F___ing expensive to level (depending on server), I think it cost me between 20-40k to get it to 600 asap. Probably less if you don't rush it and make cheap things. There's also not much to profit from.
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    It's helpful in raids. Since I'm the only engineer - it's a lot of help for our 10m with Repair Bot and mailbox. Also the new robot, that transforms you and gives you a presents every 24 hours.
    Also, it's helpful in a way, that you don't need major cities, you can stay in the pandaria faction zone, since it has an engineering auction house. Also, you can make a good profit from the world-turner and the bike.
    It was good in BGs before 5.1 too, when the goblin cap enchant was nerfed. But the nitro's to the belt are still good.
    It's good, but I wouldn't level it on more than one character.

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    I went engineering during ICC and never regretted it, rocket boots were always win but the new goblin glider makes it an amazing profession. Only downside is that the Synapse springs cannot be used during trinkets.
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    Engineering is the best DPS profession currently(along with providing the most useful perks). I don't see a reason why you wouldn't want to get it.

    DPS Stuff:
    -Synapse Springs provides a 1 min trinket which can be timed with CDs for extra benefit
    -Frag belt provides a ~30-33k hit every minute, which should translate into an extra 500 DPS, not to mention it is AoE, so if you got a lot of adds coming up(say Empress), you can Frag bomb the 4 adds that spawn on either side for 4x 30k damage.
    -Goblin Glider is an amazing tinker, it's like a controllable slow fall
    -Jeeves, your personal Repair bot/Bank slave/Reagent vendor
    -Personal Mailbox
    -Teleports to random parts of the Northrend and Pandaria
    -AH in Pandaria
    -Blingtron free gold every day
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    Since we're talking about more than simple raid DPS numbers, I'd say in defense of enchanting that its fucking amazing to be able to DE old raid gear instead of vendoring. All that $$$$ from blood spirits and shards at the start of an xpac.

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    I just took up engineering on my warrior and I fuckin love it. The mobility paired with extra mobility from engineering like glider and rocket boots. Engineering is an awesome profession but when you pair it up with an awesome class like warrior... So much win....

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    htought about it too but im jeweler and enchanter and im already in love with disenchting old stuff. and in no way i will give up all my jewelcrafting recipes

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