I'm playing Frost with all its complex glory of procs and consistent damage. I don't care if I'm bottom represented and lacking far too much potential, I'm taking my fall from grace and surrendering my will to claim that I'm anything resembling a good mage in the eyes of kids. Frost/Fire have been the only two specs that mean any semblance of fun to me, and I'll perhaps get back to Fire with some more proper gear scaling. Not doing too bad since it feels half of what I'm reforging now is favoring crit, anyways.

Arcane was ONCE fun. Depending on standing on your RoP, getting a meaning of burst completely decimated by other classes' start rotations due to a very silly 12 second ramp up, having movement completely destroy it along with a bunch of other cons... not trying the spec again until some of those concerns become slightly mitigated. Even the very thought of it tempts me to caps lock rage two very choice words over and over again.