So for Christmas I will be getting a trip from my parents that I will take some time next year, probably during spring break. But I cant decide where to go. No offense to Europeans but I honestly have no desire to go there. I have always loved the Caribbean but having trouble deciding on an island. I dont really want to go back to a place I have already been so just gonna list those out:

Grand Caymen
Dominican Republic
Peter Island
Norman Island
Jost Van Dyke
Virgin Gorda

Id like to go to either St Barts, Barbados, or Turks & Caicos but open to other ideas. If anyone travels a lot to the caribbean and can help me out with a good island and a nice 5 star resort to stay in that would be great. Good fishing and also a place with good nightlife like clubs and bars is what Im looking for. Also dont wanna end up somewhere thats mostly old people so smewhere with a lot of young vacationers.