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    Looking for some games

    I'm looking for some similar games like:
    Jagged Alliance 2 - turn based tactical strategy (prefer 2D, but a good 3D with nice models and good camera will do as well - I hate new Jagged Alliance games as camera is totally screwed - limited).

    Some space combat game like Space Empires Starfury where you can buy yourself a space ship and then upgrade it and so on and a lot of space combat around. I tried EVE online, but I don't like to be limited with moving and combat is pretty boring there - also not enough upgrading.

    Also all suggested games need to run on windows 7.

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    Space Combat: Freelancer and Darkstar one.

    They're a bit old, but you won't find any good new ones (except for x3 terran conflict maybe) <--- but I haven't played that.

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