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    Best PVP Server to xfer to

    I know this discussion is probably brought up constantly, yet I never can find solid feedback. I play Alliance side and used to be a die hard raider, but after joining the Military and doing my first duty tour I quickly realized Hardcore raiding wasn't gonna have room in my life anymore. I have always enjoyed PVP to its fullest but lately most of my friends just don't PVP anymore. I am looking for a server with PVP based guilds that form serious RBG teams that push rating. I am currently only sitting at 1800 cr myself but finding good groups in trade and such on US-Crushridge is nearly impossible. Oh yes, I Play Deathknight and Hunter as my mains but level almost all classes to at least get a feel for them. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance and sorry if the grammar is very poor, I am not a very strong writer.

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    I've heard great things about Tichondrius(sp?) US.

    RBG tournament final not long ago was 2 teams from that server iirc

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    Tich Horde if you're consistently 2200+. Kel'Thuzad or Darkspear alliance if you aren't 2200 or can be with a dedicated push. Sargeras and Tich ally are alright, they are less populated but can still give you some nice opportunities.

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    Just a note before you x-fer to Tich: I currently play on Tich and there are some details that you need to know. Bloodlust, which is Tich's battlegroup, is one of the top 3 if not the top competitive battlegroup for US. If you're at 1800 cr on your server's battlegroup then being 1800 on bloodlust is like playing 2k+ rated teams, even though they're only 1700-1800 mmr. You have to remember that Reckful, Vanguards, and many many many other Celebrity Glads are on Tich, so going for rank 1 isn't very Viable unless you're running with the Glads in the top guild "Hey Im MVP".

    I'm not telling you to NOT go to Tich (By the way, go horde. Alliance isn't that grand for Tich), I'm just making you aware that you're stepping out of the minor leagues into the major leagues of PvP.

    I'm from Tich (Alliance, but that's changing VERY soon), and I have found many many good players and decent groups, and I'm sure that you will too. Just don't come with the expectations of running with a glad, haha.

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