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    Help with choosing weapon

    Can't decide which one i should use Loshan ( normal ) with 500 Int gem, Regail's ( Elite ), or wand of elegon ( Heroic )

    Loshan, Terror Incarnate
    Item Level 496
    2551 - 4739 Damage Speed 2.20
    (1656.9 damage per second)
    +786 Stamina
    +524 Intellect
    +355 Critical Strike
    +341 Haste
    +7007 Spell Power

    Regail's Crackling Dagger
    Item Level 503
    2228 - 4139 Damage Speed 1.80
    (1768.6 damage per second)
    +839 Stamina
    +480 Intellect
    +287 Critical Strike
    +7478 Spell Power
    +360 Mastery

    Torch of the Celestial Spark
    Item Level 502
    2330 - 4328 Arcane Damage Speed 1.90
    (1752.2 damage per second)
    +831 Stamina
    +554 Intellect
    +421 Critical Strike
    +281 Haste
    +7408 Spell Power

    Planning to upgrade my weapon next week, But i'm not sure which one. Which one provides highest dps ? spell power wise based with total INT ( ignoring spec - mastery, haste, crit )

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    Wand still grants exp if Orc right? What race are you? Also I heard rumors that the sword was receiving a prismatic socket in the future, but no written source sorry. Anyone hear the same?

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    Blood Elf

    So, dagger or sword ? :/

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    raw #s the sword is better.. but it all depends on profs/spec, etc.
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    check the value of each upgraded twice and run your toon through simcraft. wowupgrade.com is a decent source for checking values of upgrades. I use the sword, with the hopes to see a prismatic socket appear in a patch in the future as per the rumor. I'd only swap to the heroic version of the dagger until then.

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    imo the elegon wand is best if u dont want to use ur uh.. sha crystal gem thingy.. otherwise choose the elite Regail's dagger

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