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    4-set and firemage?


    I got my 4th piece on LFR recently and now am wondering if I can make any use of the 4-set-bonus at all.

    The problem: I have:

    Alter Time: 3 minutes CD
    POM: 1.5 minutes CD
    Glyphed Combustions: Up to now 1.5 minutes CD, with 4-set 1.2 minutes CD
    Trinket: 45 or 60 Secondsd internal CD or whatever it is

    Up to now I did:

    1. On Pyro available -> POM+Trinket+Pyro+Pyro+Alter Time+Pyro+Pyro+Combustion
    2. After 1.5 minutes -> POM+Trinket+Pyro+Pyro+Combustion
    3. After 1.5 minutes -> Proceed to 1.

    Now I see these options:

    1. Do as I did up to now, completely IGNORE the 4-set Bonus


    2. Use POM and Alter Time together, but use Trinket+Combustion together whenever I got crit luck


    3. Do not use Combustion Glyph so I can "fit" a combustion into the 1.2 minute timeframe (still will not work together with the 3 minutes CD of Alter Time after the first time)

    What do people think? Right now I think it is either 1. or 2. And yes, Combustion now no longer depends on the Pyro but on Ignite, but Pyro Crits are still the best way to get a good ignite I think.

    Somebody got a Dark Intent and a Focus Magic for Tarecgosa and me? ;-)

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    if u get good ignite - click on combust, trinkets will help u
    that's all =) if u not so lucky, w8 for pom
    4 tier for fire, imho, greatly works only on Mel'jarak H
    but u can adapt this redused cd also for all fights, for example Vizier Zor'lok use combust on pull and on 1 copy, then on 2 platform, if u don't have 4 tier u can't do that and so on )

    + use glyph on all, ALL encounters

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