Keeping it short and simple. I raided with a guild, we went 72nd US in Firelands. We then fell apart for DS, but managed to finish the tier 76th US. IE we cleared up to H DW without the 5% buff, and got H DW to within 1%, but the day the buff went out we one shot him.

I've raided 10 and 25 man, and I don't care which as long as we're progressing.

Armory -

Any guild that stops at 12 EST is fine with me, no matter the dates. I just can't raid past 12 anymore, as my work schedule doesn't allow me to.

RealID - [email protected]

Also - my progress only shows 2/6 HM HOF, but as I've progressed through every other tier in the game competitively excluding this one, I feel like that should be sufficient, I know all the fights, just haven't experienced them myself.