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    Warrior/Mage/Monk/ or Hunter?

    Which class seems to be the most fun, and all around good in pvp in patch 5.2?

    -Arms Warrior
    -BM Hunter
    -Frost Mage
    -WW Monk

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    Arcane mage is gonna be best, just wait

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    Arms Warrior: In such a good place that they keep getting nerfed because of how viable they are all around now. Patch 5.2 changes: Still playable at a competitive level, still fun, but not just rolling around making people want to roll them because of how overpowered they were.

    BM Hunter: Hunter is in a really strong place for PvP, they have high representation, great damage, great cc, great burst, but BM isn't the only spec that does well for hunters.

    Frost mage: Nerfed for the first time ever, but they're still a dominant caster. Still fun. I roll around on top damage with my frost mage.

    WW Monk Before 5.2: Super super fun, but "Did I really just sit in a full cc chain with no way to break it...?", and still a bit clunky in design.
    WW Monk after 5.2: You won't have more fun on any class than a monk, and they don't need buffs for me to still say that they're more fun than any class I've ever played, and many of the people who play Monks would agree with me.

    5.2: you want something that'll never get old to play go with WW monk. If you're looking for FoTM, I suggest that you stop chasing the "Overpowered" and just get so good at your own class that you become "Overpowered". Every class still has a learning curve, and you never stop learning that class.

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    Ive played Arms since vannila and the new update for 5.2 is quite a buff and a nerf
    warriors will still crush people because they dident nerf are skill damage ratios so a mortal strike is still gona hit you for 50k along with an overpower that gona also hit for 50+k

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