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    Level of Armor For Salvage Tier Materials?

    Hey guys I had just a simple question that I was hoping to find the answer to via the community and not spending hours and gold to find out.

    Basically the materials in the game is spread out over tier 1 - 6, okay that's easy enough. Now if I want to salvage armor for tier 4 mats, what level armor is that?

    I need a list of levels for armor that salvage into what materials.


    Tier 1 materials (Of armor type) lvl 1-16 salvage into: tier 1.
    Tier 2 materials (Of armor type) lvl 16-34 salvage into: tier 2.

    Does anyone know of a list that I can find that has all the levels of tiers for armor that salvage into the corresponding tiers of materials?


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    I dont know of a list like that off the top of my head but you can generaly go by the level range of the items produced by that tier and the level ranges of the zones containing those materials. AKA T1 produces items from lvl 5-20 while T2 produces 25-35. you can expect to get T1 mats off items below 20 and T2 mats from items above 20. The transition areas are a bit more vague as there are a couple levels in there that can produce either tier of mat. Its kind of like how zone's who's lvl range fall between two tiers have more than one type of mat to gather (kessex hills having both copper and iron) You can also sometimes get the next tier up of material based on the % to get rare materials in your salvage kit.

    So the rule of thumb is look for items in the same level range as those you'll be produceing if looking for a specific material. Additionaly if fishing for Oriculium tier materials or ecto's 74 is about as low as you wana go and the higher the better.

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