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    Mistweaver Monk Pvp Power Hotfix

    I mainly play windwalker for pvp but I am currently gearing my mistweaver spec and been looking around for information on what to gem for. I came across that pvp power was broken for mistweaver but seen they hotfixed it a few days ago. Did anybody try this out and is it worth gemming for pvp power now?

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    No healers gems pvp power. Its either spirit or resi, in some cases int.

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    You get enough PvP power from all your gear. If you're Mistweaver you're going to want to stack spirit and resil, and maybe 1 or 2 int/resil gems, but personally I go for the spirit. When you're burst healing, you'll see that you can oom as MW in less than 6 seconds if you don't use Chi, so the spirit at least brings it up to 8 seconds or so of non-chi healing.

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