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    [Feral] BiS Trinkets

    I have been under the impression all along that:

    BiS is Relic of Xuen, which I don't think is disputable, what I have been trying to figure out is which one is the second best to use with it. I have searched all over and some places say Bottle of Infinite Stars (H) and some say Terror in the Mists (H). I have access to both trinkets, but I'm just curious what would account for the difference of opinion, and which one is correct, because both places indicate that the one they have chosen is WAYY better.

    TLDR: Bottle of Infinite Stars (H) or Terror in the Mists (H)?

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    Not sure how Xuen is with 2/2 upgrade compared to bottle(502) and Terror(509) you might wana run simulations from your character and find out ^^ and plz Share the result you get :-)
    Thought BiS if you have the valors would be Terror and Bottle (Heroic that is)
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