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    Is tanking hard?

    With the addition of LFD Im thinking about rolling a tank class. I was forced to quit my old server anyways because Imp side was just brutally terrible at PvP. In fact we were so bad it felt like I was getting trolled by my own team in every single WZ. I mean I seriously think it takes major skill to lose as badly as we did on a consistent basis. I played and enjoyed every tank class in WoW since TBC and found tanking to be a joke even though for some reason people swore it was the hardest role to play. Tanked every raid from BT-DS but quit when MoP came out cause I just cant take that game anymore. Is tanking just as easy in SWToR? I will probably roll a P-Tech because I had an Assassin on my other server so dont want to make the same class again and also I dont feel like dealing with severe ability bloat with a Jugg.

    Are FPs even in HM easy to tank? Also what about raids? I cant find anything for boss strategies and WoW had like a million websites with movies and guides. Or is the reason there arent any for this game is because everything is so easy guides arent needed?

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    Tanking bosses is no different.

    Tanking dungeons is a different mentality, since you don't need to have aggro on everything at all times.

    Yes it's just as 'easy'.

    You must not have looked hard if you don't see strategies and movies for the raids in this game. Look again.

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    Tanking is easy.. if you know how to do it and that's something you won't find in any guide. To know the script is one thing (basic), to adjust when necessary/ hitting cooldowns etc. positioning the mob and after all make it look like it's fluent is another. I've seen several well equipped tanks which bent down because they still didn't know what's going on with their class.

    Tanking flashpoints/ dungeons should be fluent but with more speed... meaning you don't really need to wait before every encounter but just be aware to learn as soon as possible how they are working. There is nothing more annoying than a tank pulling unnecessary stuff/ hitting on sleeping mobs etc., better make clear before that you are new. Also watch out when you have a stealth class in your group because you practically can avoid almost any trash with them.

    Regarding Raids/ Operations, you might want to check for specific encounter, there should be plenty on youtube.

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    since you're comparing with wow tanking (which is fair, since it's the most popular mmo, there is a higher chance you've played wow at some point), tanking in this game is more comparable to TBC tanking than cataclysm tanking.

    The aggro matters. At least at the beginning of the fight, while in current wow, tank aggro is light year ahead the dps, especially since the 500% buff of tanking stance during cataclysm, in swtor, the aggro is way under that. A tank does about 1/3 of the damage of a dps (single target) and it's stance give just an additional 60% threat. But the taunt mechanics compensate (taunt generate 30% of your current threat, unlike wow were it just place you on top of the aggro list)

    damage reduction wise, it also ressemble to vanilla you have to equilibrate defense (dodge and parry combined), shield chance (block) and absorb (block value) with endurance (stamina). As always in mmo tanking, avoidance is poor for engame, prefer high value of shield and absorb and effective health. all tanking class have shield regardless of the weapon used.

    I haven't found boss hitting as hard as wow boss, even kephess HM does not compare to lich king HM. Raid fight require a lot of movement and are almost always gimicky (that is, having to do special action during the fight, like clicking somewhere or going somewhere to activate a script)

    4 man Flashpoint (dungeon) are very much wow like, no crowd control needed, just rush pack and aor (except maybe lost island). Typical strat for every pack, you keep one or two hard hitting elite mob on you, while the dps dispach the weakest enemy first then finish with the elite.

    Tanking in PVP is a lot more fun than in wow though. You can guard people around you (sort of a vigilance buff) to transfer the damage threy take on you, if you taunt an enemy player, it reduce the damage it does, you can kick, stun, pull, push back and do decent damage with the right spec.

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    I havent really found many guides for raids either. Sure there are youtube videos but they are usually just for entertainment and not really meant to be used as guides. I mean theres not really a Tankspot equivalent that I have found that has in depth guides. Found some older guides from like Feb or March but they havent been updated since then and obviously dont show any newly added stuff or any patches that nerfed or buffed anything.

    This is about the only thing I have found that seems to stay updated: http://dulfy.net/category/swtor/operations/

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    There is a german guild (www.readyforraiding.de) making commented operation guides (in german) for SWTOR and WoW... not sure about commented guides in other languages.

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