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    Does Anyone Know What Moped or Motorcycle This Is?

    I been trying to find out for the past few days and its really bugging me! In my personal opinion I think it looks awesome, here is a picture of it


    to be honest, I dont know what exactly it is, looks like a Moped ,but it has Bicycle pedals? Not sure, I would love if someone and solve my mystery!

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    With the big wheels and tires it's in the style of the 1960's Japanese scooters but I'm betting its one of the rip offs from Taiwan or China though I'm not sure. I certainly don't recognize that logo and the Italian scoots generally have the small wheel and tires. Just looks similar to a super cub to me.

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    It looks like a Honda Cub or Super Cub.
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    Sorry I haven't been able to find much but with a quick google search I found an easier to see copy of that company logo in this picture:


    (Far left of the 4th row) and from this can tell you the company name falls somewhere between Ja and Kr in alphabetical order (probably in the K's due to the symmetric K in the logo). Best of luck finding what you're after.

    Edit 1: Company name is Kreidler:


    Edit 2: Appears to be the 1958 Kreidler Amazon:


    Hopefully that helps ^_^
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