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    [10 man normal]Tsulong or Lei Shi first?

    We are now 13/16 normal after one shotting Elite Protectors. I was wondering if we should try Tsulong or Lei Shi first.

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    Tsulong is a very easy fight. Lei Shi is too but can be very frustrating if CC and tank taunts are done incorrectly. I would go with Tsulong.

    On a side note: I had no Idea you could skip Tsulong.

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    10man NORMAL. you dont really have choice here right? I mean you cant do lei shi before tsulong since their order is linear

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    You can't skip Tsulong.

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    Both quite easy...elite protectors....and well over half of the bosses in the 2 instances you've already cleared, are harder. We killed both within an hour, and should have killed them a lot quicker than that. Don't let the fact that you have to complete HoF first fool you, this whole instance on normal is quite faceroll. Sha is like a 15 minute fight but the only challenge is killing the pandas properly...if your healers and dps can handle that reliably every time, you win.
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    Our first night in Terrace saw us one shot Elite Protectors, and then go on to do Tsulong and LeiShi in a couple of tries each. After the time spent learning Amber Shaper and Shekzeer they seemed a bit of a joke.
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