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    New Power Leveling Methods

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any amazing power leveling methods similar to the killing of Siege Tanks in Twilight Highlands throughout Cata, as I have another 4 toons to level from 85 to 90, and whilst you may find it strange, I find leveling the regular way boring, but grinding constant mobs that respawn on a continuous basis to be highly entertaining.

    Currently the only really viable spot I've found in MoP is via the quest Zhu's Despair, where you go into a different realm, and there's heaps of 100k HP mobs that grant 10k exp each, not much, but on my Elemental Shaman I can power grind these at such a rate that it gives me 5M exp per hour non-rested, 89-90 in approximately 3 hours of grinding with full rested.

    The problem with this spot however, is that to kill the mobs at a high enough speed, you need to pull a lot, which requires having a solid amount of self heals, which as a Shaman is no worries, I can roll HST, Healing Surges and Ancestral Guidance, as well as Thundershocking the mobs away every so often whilst I Chain Lightning cleave them down, resulting in a zero downtime farm (Chain Lightning + Lightning Shield = Unlimited Mana), I can also continuously pull more into the cleave pack via Flame Shock on CD and using my insta-cast Lava Surge procs, so as I said, 100% uptime on just killing mobs.. This kind of method won't work for my toons such as my Rogue or my Mage, it may be viable for my Priest and Warrior, but I don't think it'll be as good as the tanks in Cata for those 4 classes, it's amazing for Ele Shamans, Warlocks, maybe Boomkins, DKs and a few others though.

    I could see this method being viable for a mage if I had the level 90 tier talents, or for a rogue if Deadly Momentum (The talent in Combat that refreshed the duration of your Slice and Dice and Recup every time you got a kill that granted exp), but in its' current state, I don't see it being very viable at all.

    So has anyone got any valid suggestions?

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    Never did much power-leveling, especially not for MoP. As boring as the quests are I'd still rather get Shado-Pan and Klaxxi to honored and revered (huzzah for the reputation commendations), respectively, without ever having to do dailies while also leveling my character in the process.

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    Did that once with my first toon, MoP and Cata leveling is just boring as all hell, I had no issues going through Vanilla/BC/LK zones multiple times, doing all the quests and everything, but I just don't like the new leveling zones, hence why I like to be able to power grind as much as I want until I level.

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    No one knows any spots?

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    No one knows any spots?

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    Turtles in valley of the 4 winds was popular for a while, not sure if they nerfed it though.

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    what's wrong with questing? takes about 2 hours per level, less if you're rested. works even better if you have archeology BoAs (trinket, weapon), engineering trinket/head and of course MoP flask and food. you just breeze through.
    even non-rested at MoP start it took less than 11 hours, i'm pretty sure with those perks mentioned above (specifically rested) you can do it in 8 hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brytryne View Post
    Turtles in valley of the 4 winds was popular for a while, not sure if they nerfed it though.
    This and level 88-90 can be done at Dread Wastes "scar"

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