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    Quick simple question about 15" rMBP (not about dps)

    I am buying the lower end 15" rMBP. i can either upgrade the processor from 2.3 to 2.6 i7 for $100 or memory from 8gb to 16gb RAM for $180. Is the processor upgrade the obvious choice or am I missing something. This is all in regards to WoW performance. I am also not into video editing. Thanks.

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    Help me dudes

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    If memory serves me well, you cannot upgrade anything in the rMBPs (Like the MBAs), so I would go for RAM. For the same logic I would advise to go for both if you can.

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    get the processor upgrade. 8gb is plenty of ram
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    It is important to realize that upgrading RAM does absolutely nothing if you're not already short on it. I would also point out that as of yet, there are basically no 64-bit games on the market, and this means that it is a technical impossibility for games to use more than 4GB of RAM. Most titles, particularly anything also designed with consoles in mind will not even exceed 2GB, and on original XP systems will crash should they attempt more than 3GB.

    As a result, the 8 to 16GB upgrade will give you a grand total of 0% (zero) performance improvement in games - and almost certainly in everything else you do as well.

    In games in Mac OS, being that about 75% of them are Laptops (and few of these anything but airs, non-pro macbooks, and the most basic Pro) aren't designed for high-end hardware - so RAM usage here is also low.

    Typically, anything requiring more than 8GB of memory would also warrant far more computational power than a laptop provides. (Unless you're multitasking is exceedingly excessive)

    The processor upgrade however will improve almost everything your machine does - up to about 20% in CPU-intense situations.
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