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    Blizzard doesn’t need players like you. ! ( those who think they have all the answers)

    They proved this by locking your post.

    They want new players who are bright eyed and in awe of them.

    Just consider yourself past your sell by date and no longer in their target audience.

    Quit and move on and find another game to play.

    Its their game you have no rights when it comes to development.

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    And is it really the last straw? Or are you still going to hang around bitching?
    "Do you think man will ever walk on the sun? -Ali G

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    Well thought out arguments generally. Even though i agree on most of your points there, i am going to keep on playing WoW until some better mmorpg shows up.

    You should change the headline so it won't look so similar to those who are crying about their classes being nerfed and end up bringing anti-rant posters who seem to skip reading most of your post and accuse you of something you have never said.
    Some tinfoiltheories for you: <tinfoil hat on> It seems to me that some posters are living in a self denial about the bad things in this game. When someone posts a well written post with arguments to prove his/hers theories about the blizzards inability to do something, they point out tiny details or errors, particularly if the pointed-out details seem insignificant or irrelevant to all but the finder and be generally rude to the poster while repeating the words "It is perfect!" in their head to try to forget all the bad things in this game. <tinfoil hat off>.

    Not everyone can be satisfied, be it the actually intelligent people with well thought out arguments to make the game possibly better for almost everyone, or the so called "casuals"

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    Quote Originally Posted by strangewayes View Post
    molten front. Burnout.
    awww yeaaaaaahhh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strangewayes View Post
    So does think mean I shouldn't even attempt to persuade them of different? Just because someone HAS an opinion doesn't mean it's set in stone.

    The main problem I have had isn't with people disagreeing with me in this thread.
    It's with people not even getting the point of the posts I've been making, even after trying to explain again and again.
    its hard to push people to artificially think the way you do. and its even harder to make points people either can pick apart or don't hold to the same level of attention you give them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seezer View Post
    People circlejerk about how bad of a game they think it is too. They circlejerk over anything. Man, you're biased. Look. People have been bitching about the game since the beginning. That's what people behind a computer do. But when you have twisted emotions behind much of it, it's hard to sift through what is an actual problem, and what is a player wanting to armchair quarterback the development of the game. Mediocrity to you is not mediocrity to others, and that's the issue. You're acting like everything you think it wrong with the game is an actual issue. And you're trying to validate that by other people feeling the way you do. Well of course people will.
    But couldn't that same argument be switched around? I could just say people are already too invested in the game and ignore any opposing opinion as haters and trolls. I have an opinion, simple. You can disagree with it, I never said you couldn't. I never said I know better than Blizzard about everything, they've made lots of improvements. I never said I was the armchair Dev. I never said I came up with all these great ideas and Blizzard ignored me. I'm just sick of aspects of the game, that are not directly related or important enough to the majority of the playerbase, being ignored in exchange for Raid Design improvements, and Daily quest improvements. Aspects of the game that various posters have brought up valuable feedback for.

    But hey, looks like I'm the Minority. I wasn't thrilled with the farm. I can't rave on about how cool the new Heroic Raid mechanics are, because I never did them.
    It's quite obvious now that I am on the outer.

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    This isn't going anywhere useful so closing. It looks and reads like an "I Quit" thread and those are not allowed. - ML
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