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    Inquisition adds depth to the ret gameplay. It is something to maintain and consider, another filler to dump a resource we are building up with an array of attacks. Do rogues bitch about having to maintain slice and dice/recuperate? Yeah, the bad ones do, but to a lesser extent. Savage roar for ferals, same deal. Monks have tigers fury, basically the same thing, again.

    Inquisition makes that there's somewhat of a skillcap and you don't fall asleep while deepsing.

    P.S.: It makes ur fuckin hands glow. Be thankful, fellow brethren of the light. Goddamnit.
    It really doesn't add that much "depth". It is more of a chore than anything. Warriors can just run into a fight and start doing damage while Ret takes ramp up time to even start to compete. They either need to make it last longer or make it cost mana so you can start a fight with it already up.

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    Never considered this to be a bug. Can't remember the last time when this was an issue, either. Not sure what to think of it.
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    Inq is the reason I stopped playing Paladin full time. It would be a far less lame and cheesy mechanic if there was a refresh like a rogue's S&D. But there's not. It's a quick fix to make Ret more "complicated." It's shallow and has no place with the Paladin class.
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    Finally made an account...

    Now that inquisition gives us 10% crit, I'd be angry if Blizzard took it away. Even if they did bake the damage into our spec, you KNOW they wouldn't compensate for that 10% crit. We have pretty much the highest crit rating of any class with it up (and raid buffed with extra %5). My fury warrior stacks crit, he GEMS crit, and he's still only about 18% (without 5%). My pally avoids crit and still has about 22% (with Inq, without 5%). GLOWING HANDS.

    They should increase the duration back to 36 seconds like it was in Cata. It didn't feel nearly as annoying at 36 seconds. Or at least add an intresting mechanic to add time. Maybe Templar's Verdict increases it by 2 seconds, max of 6 seconds, kinda like feral with rip.

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    Which brings an interesting thought, maybe all Inquisition really needs is a damage component added when you use it at 3-hp. Something like a Holy Nova or Wrath going off that would be an overall increase in our sustained DPS and make the button more interesting to hit.
    I actually really really like this idea. I've just started leveling a monk, and their Tiger Palm buff is roughly the same (albeit weaker) kind of maintenance buff as Inquisition. Tiger Palm doesn't feel like a chore, I guess it is because of the Damage component.

    Some kind of medium range AoE would be amazing. Ret Paladins already complain about our Burst AoE damage, considering we have to build three holy power, use inquisition, build three more, than finally use a Divine Storm. That's 7 full globals before you can use our signature AoE. My priest Alt just lolmind sears the tank and does insane damage. Inquisition doing an AoE between the damage of HoR and DS would help fix that slugish AoE ramp up while also making refreshes feel less taxing. Hell, take 5% damage from something else, don't care.

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    I've always been against Inq mainly due to the fact that it's a lost global every 30 seconds. I know it is intended to give us a ramp up time, but how about instead we get it as a CD similar to a DK's Outbreak where we get a 3 stack of personal(full buff) of Inq on use. However we can also choose to ramp up by gaining a stack per special attack(CS,J,Exo) making the CD(10sec) refresh on the attack. The CD allows us the be more sustainable through long periods where we can't attack, ie phase transitions or in pvp, or choose the ramp up of 3 damaging globals without needing the wasted 4th currently.

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