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    KB2656351 & KB2600217 installs all the time.

    Hey guys, everytime i shut off my computer it installs KB2656351 & KB2600217 which is very annoying.
    I have tried manually installing them ( havent rebooted after manually installing because when i search for updates they are still there...... >_> )
    I also tried repairing my Microsoft .net programs, no luck there either =(

    Windows 7 64 bit

    Edit: read a few threads and i uninstalled microsoft .net extended, now the 2 updates dont show up anymore, but i dont get an update to download .net extended, do you need .net extended?

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    all you need is the .net framework required for your programs, .net 3.5 is what most 7 users go with and you can get it cleanly from ninite

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