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    Buying a laptop for gaming & work


    I need a new laptop. Dont want to spend more than 1200 eur.
    what I currently have in mind is (portuguese site, im sorry :P ):

    plus 2x HDD with RAID0:

    Is this a good buy? I think I can play far cry 3 in med easily with this laptop, am i wrong?
    Its mostly for work (c++ programmer, I'm a gave dev that for the most part ignores everything about hardware ^^).
    For gamming, for now, id like to play some far cry 3, and i might do some sc2. maybe someday I'll come back to wow aswell.


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    Yep, you should be able to play most games on high with that laptop.

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    I read somewhere (here in mmo-c i think) that 660m is a bad card and one should aim for a 670m. however I checked some benchmarks and, however noticeable, there isnt much of a differece between the two. Ideal would be to have an HD 7970m but that stretches the price too much.

    Isn't there anywhere else within the EU that i can get a better deal?

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