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    489/490 Ret paladin and Feral/Guardian Druid looking for raiding guild.

    Currently looking for a more progression orientated raid. Semi-hardcore and such. We just left our slower guild who struggled to keep a faster pace which had been promised. Both of us have ranked on wol and are looking for a higher end faster progression guild so we can continue to do so. Either horde/alliance is fine prefer 10man raiding guild. Just let us know the times and we can let you know if that works for us. Will also transfer server if that needs to be as well. We just want to get back to a fast pace raiding environment that knows how to get bosses down and have fun doing it. I have been playing since BC and my friend the feral/guardian druid has been playing since Vanilla. We are use to beating bosses fairly quickly and have had plenty of heroic progression prior to now. But our current server Scarlet Crusade as far as horde is concerned is falling apart and there is not much to do as far as progressive raiding anymore. We just want to get back to raiding and are looking forward to 5.2 raiding. Thanks for reading just contact me or just post on here if you have any questions.

    You can either contact me on the boards, in game(DrDew on scarlet crusade), or add me DrDew#1625

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    Hi Dr. Dew!

    We would consider both a Ret paladin and a Feral Druid. Please find some information about us below. Feel free to battletag me (Earendiljade#1986) with questions.

    Guild: Monolith
    Server: Llane
    Faction: Horde
    Raid Type: 25man
    Progress: 6/6 H Mogushan Vaults, 2/6 H Heart of Fear, 4/4 Terrace

    Current Target: T14 Progression

    Schedule: Sun/Wed/Thurs 8:30pm-Midnight EST
    Recruiter Contacts: Judis, Beruthiel, Brade, Fisted
    Homepage: monolithwow.com
    Class Needs

    • 1 Warlock
    • 1 Hunter
    • 1 Feral Druid/Ret Paladin
    • We may also consider exceptional applicants of any class.


    Monolith is a Day One horde guild on the Llane (est) server. Monolith started as a group of friends that have been raiding together since EQ1. We are currently farming Heroic Dragon Soul and Firehawks and are looking forward to continued success in MoP.

    Our primary goal as a guild is to push end game content, while maintaining an environment conducive to having obligations outside of the game. We will not have world firsts, and we will likely not have realm firsts, but we do offer the opportunity to play with like-minded adults who want to enjoy the end game while pushing the content that is available to us. We are currently 6/6 Heroic in Mogu'shan Vaults, 2/6 Heroic in Heart of Fear and 4/4 in Terrace of the Endless Spring.


    Monolith raids 3 nights a week : Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 – Midnight EST. All of our invites start 15 minutes prior to the scheduled raid time to ensure a timely first pull.


    • Must play well with others. Because we are a guild of adults, it is important to us that everyone remembers we are all here to have fun. We have zero tolerance for drama or disrespect. We do not care how good your DPS is, or how amazing you think you are, it is imperative that you fit in well with our guild and treat everyone with respect or you will be asked to leave.
    • Ability to meet our raid schedule. Because we do have limited raid time, and we are trying to push the endgame in that time, it is important that you have the ability to meet our raid schedule. We request that our Members keep 60% attendance, and our Veterans keep 80% attendance. While we understand that the demographic that we are seeking will have things that may arise and may cause them to miss a raid here and there, we do expect you to make a commitment to our guild.
    • Know your class. I think this one speaks for itself. One thing that is unique about our guild is that we do actively seek to help our players improve, but we cannot squeeze a rock to make water. You need to have a level of skill that is commensurate with the content we are currently working on.
    • Be willing to improve. The first step to becoming a better player is recognizing that there is always something new to learn and always room for improvement. You must accept this, and actively seek to improve yourself as a player, as well as constructively work with your classmates so that we can improve as a team.
    • Gear. We have always firmly believed that the player is more important than the gear they are wearing. If you can show us that you have skill, and dedication, we can gear you. While we would like you to have gear appropriate to the content we are working on, not having that gear will not be an insurmountable hurdle to your application.
    • Loyalty. Monolith is a family. We have a high member retention rate, and when we recruit members it is important to us that they want to be a part of Monolith, which means enjoying the good and hanging in there through the bad. We are not a stepping stone to the next best thing. We have been up front and honest with you, and we expect the same courtesy in return.

    If you think that Monolith is a good fit for you, please take the time to complete our recruitment application. You can learn more about Monolith at monolithwow.com .

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    <Resurgence> is a Heroic 25M Horde progression guild on the Stonemaul (US-PvP-PST) server. We are a fun guild comprised of easygoing raiders with a competitive nature. We raid 11 hours a week over 3 week nights. We are a relatively well-rounded guild comprised of PvE’rs, PvP’rs, achievement hunters, etc.

    We are looking to recruit players that are interested in helping us finish HeroicT14 content and get [Realm First!] Heroic Raid! We are currently ranked #1 on our realm with 5/16 Heroic cleared!

    In Cataclysm, we finished 8/8 in 25H Dragon Soul, 7/7 in 25H Firelands, and 12/13H in Tier 11. Ranked as Top 125 25M Raiding Guild and #66 Heroic Ragnaros.

    We currently raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:00PM to 10:30PM PST. The raids will typically end at 10:30, but may go over if a progression kill is close. Loot is awarded through a tiered DKP system.

    We ONLY recruit for FULL TIME Positions! There will be a trial period but you will be rewarded with DKP and maybe loots also!

    Our current needs are:
    Higher Priority List:
    • Holy Paladin
    • Disc/Holy Priest
    • Ret Paladin
    • Brewmaster Monk (DPS OS is a PLUS!)
    • Restoration Druid (DPS OS is a PLUS!)
    Lower Priority List:
    • Mage
    • Warlock
    • Enh/Elem Shaman
    • Hunter
    • Death Knight DPS

    If you do not see your class listed, do not despair! We have an open recruitment policy! We will look at all applications with fairness and strong consideration!

    We are always in search of exceptional raiders. Please do not apply if you cannot have near perfect attendance (however, we do understand when RL issues arise). All applications are private and can only be seen by <Resurgence> members and yourself.

    You can visit our guild at resurgence-stonemaul.wowstead.com.

    If you have any questions you can contact:
    Simony - Fifel#1656
    Vaelith - ryangunning.gmail.com
    Miishelle - djSquare#1126
    or Caides in game.

    We hope to be raiding with you in the near future.



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