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    Only bad thing about Australia apart from spiders and snakes, it has Australians in it
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    I am 99% confident you will not see a deadly animal unless you end up in rural Australia. I live in an Australian city and the last time I saw an animal/insect that had the potential to kill was years ago, and I was on a farm, not in a city. (snake behind a shed)

    Some tourists still get bothered by the thought though so if you find it a problem just keep a phone on you at all times.

    If you want real warm weather, go to Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Anything lower and it starts getting cooler, especially Melbourne which is well known for having all four seasons each day.

    oh, and if you want to play WoW have fun playing with our latency

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangelemonrain View Post
    oh, and if you want to play WoW have fun playing with our latency
    Lol it just takes time getting used to, its not the <50ms that you guys with your own servers have come to rely upon.
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    That was more a joke/fun thing. Still if OP is to go bushwalking or rural Australia then the risk is there.

    I live in the suburbs of Sydney and redbacks are quite a common sight around here. When we were building the place we also has a snake make it's home there. (No idea how in the world it got there).

    Of course, the risk is low though if you stay in the city and such.

    Yes, Latency here is different. About ~150-250ms is about average down here. Nothing like the net speeds elsewhere. For a developed country we have some of the slowest net speed in the world. It can be quite annoying.
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