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    fair point a77. cooperation and the hand of friendship is the only way the two countries will prosper. 50 years of the iron fist hasnt really worked has it. the difficulty is that it would need a willingness from both sides. if it could be done in Northern ireland then im sure it could be done in palestine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a77 View Post
    Do you know what generous peace terms are? Kaiser Germany did get very hard peace terms despite reasonably clean war, and then the Germans did get the opportunity that led to round 2 (ww2) Imperial Japan and Hitler Germany did get a very light peace, especially considering what they've done, and did not feel the need to do round 3, Stalin did give the east part of europe a hard peace and need to have large army in all the east countries to prevent them to rebel and try for round 2 or 3 if they was given a opportunity.

    Remember both Japan and Germany did have its hardcore gropes who did create incidents, what was US resonance? Accelerate the economic rebuilding of the countries, now what are Israel doing? Yes the opposite, given extremely hard peace terms (as I did described in the previous post) and take every incident as a opportunity to destroy/hurt the economy of Palestrina. Now wonder Palestinians try for a new round given a opportunity.....

    Ok then I misinterpreted your message.
    No worries.
    And I do agree with your notion, Israel should help build Palestinian Economy (it actually does have some good record in the West Bank btw, the situation there is way better then it once was, still a long way to go).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZRebellion View Post
    Well they can...Germany was occupied by the allies and the soviet union,japan was occupied by america..both nations lost and were occupied,and grew peaceful.
    Palestinians lost the war when they didn't accept the original un partition,now they have the right to be occupied until they learn how to behave.
    Well I had a ruddy good laugh at this statement. Such satire is priceless in this day and age!
    In fact as far as I'm aware the UK is the only european nation that outright bans guns for civilians.
    Shotguns I'll give you (provided you're allowed 12 and larger gauges... because I mean... come on...) but not .22s.
    This is why people ban guns. Gun supporters don't know what guns are.

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