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    Blizzard can make Gryphons the way they want to make's their World of Warcraft. Also they change everything relating to classes and areas and old dungeons....heck people have been crying for new character models for years....are you going to cry when your precious Alliance models don't "look clean enough" for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevyne-Shandris View Post
    And has DK (dead) eyes.

    Maybe those electrons went some where they never should've went! lol
    I dont get the dead eyes thing. THey are pale blue. They very similar to my worgens eyes, which are far from dead looking. :\

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    #1, it's not "dirt".. I believe the word you're looking for is dingy.. They all can't be flying, sparkly ponies, now can they?

    #2, Gryphons are not eagles.. A Gryphon is a mythological creature that does not exist IRL.. So someone else has a vision of a Gryphon that doesn't line up to exactly what YOU want..

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    Humans should by all rights be dead in setting like warcraft, yet they prosper. Darwin would go insane in warcraft.
    If a gnome can make it, there is no reason in hell a Human can't.
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    I like the new grpyhon a lot.... looks weathered and as if it has seen its share of battle... just right for a war gryphon

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    The horde wyverns aren't any better. At least the gryphons aren't full of holes.

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