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    Religion, some are still just slow on grasping it.

    I will also say that trash metal like what we had from Megadeth/Mettalica are dead to. I really try to look for bands, but NOTHING, zero....shit nothing, ¤#%#¤%#¤, can be found that makes this music. So Im stuck listening to 30 year old songs, go me!

    Edit: Also kinda sad reading the OP's post about rock radio. Now days I despise anything radio, its fucking horrible. It just makes you wanna "YA ALL WANT A SINGLE SAY FUCK THAT" and smash you're head into a wall.

    I actually listened alot to DAB radio some years ago, kinda like early WOTLK times (Yes, Im sad I renember time by wow exspansions...), but they closed that down aswell, and then they planned to start something else, but that was scraped 99%. They had alot of classic rock, and that wasen't all for me, but it was still great to hear all thoes classic rock songs, and learn about The who, Beatles and so on.
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    Anyone say Saturday morning cartoons? Man, the stuff you see on Saturday mornings now is total garbage. Kids used to wake up at 7am on Saturday to get a jump on cartoons and we stayed in front of the TV until noon. I remember when new seasons of cartoons would launch. There used to be commercials for two months prior on major networks in major time-slots announcing that the new season of Scooby Doo started soon. It was big like Thursday-night programming, but for kids... on the weekend. Toys would launch in stores to sync up with Saturday morning cartoons. That trend is definitely dead.

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    The spider is just killed!..

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    90's cartoons

    All that is in tv for kids right now is shitty computer made shows. I miss good cartoons
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    We are the dead, according to David Bowie.

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    1. People acting like game companies shot their dog when they buy a game they ended up not liking.
    2. US politics. They're all rich, white, old men either trying to protect their interests, their money, or their image.
    3. People who blame X for all the problems in the world when its people that are committing these acts - not X.
    4. Commercials on cable. I pay for TV, I don' want to pay to watch commercials.
    5. Bias media. Both sides of the political fence. Quit lying, quit distorting through truth and they might find more people would LIKE the media.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meari View Post
    How exactly are music videos dead? Pretty much any artist from a record label that can afford it has atleast 1 music video for their album. Also how can music videos be replaced my reality shows? I'm sorry, that entire sentence confuses me.
    Take MTV and VH1.. when I was growing up they had a lot of music videos and reality shows. Then they had some dramas like spydergames.

    They had TRL which honestly was the only way MTV played music videos at an afternoon hour. That got cancelled, now it's all reality TV and some music videos in the early morning.

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    Coral Reefs. Ocean acidification has reached the point where virtually every reef on the planet is dead or dying. Within half a century, coral reef ecosystems will be confined to professional and amateur aquariums.

    Supercarriers. (And fleet carriers as well.) Between drones, advanced anti-ship ballistic missiles, and swarm tactics, supercarriers are going to be mission-killed (if not sunk) in any situation where something of their size is useful. And that's before systems currently in the prototype phases, like railguns, ship- and plane-mounted lasers, and kinetic bombardment systems, are taken into account. There will still be carriers, but they'll be smaller vessels, more focused on drone and helicopter deployment.

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