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    Tips on increasing iLvl

    Hey guys,

    This is my warrior, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...latawar/simple

    I need to be iLvl 470, Current ilvl is 466. Already cheated a bit by buying a body rope.
    What other things can i do?..

    Im already farming Golden Lotus. But there only a few quest that give exp per day..
    Or are there faster ways to gain rep with Golden Lotus?

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    Do the Dominance Offensive ones you get 496 gear

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    Buy some crafted epic items, or just suck it up and hope you get lucky in LFR.
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    Buy some crafted items and do Sha of Anger. You get some nice boots from him first time if you remember to loot.
    For more golden lotus rep I'd get my hands on a Hozen pipe. Also Goi lei keys. Cause you get rep from the chests.

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    Arena is pretty obvious. Work on your reputations (klaxxi and lotus). Try some Scenarios. Free quest boots on sha of anger.

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    You have chest and gloves, crafted ones, shouldn't be very expensive (i see you're on my realm, they aren't very expensive). Other than that, just farm JP and upgrade your gear, and you can try to buy the DMF trinkets.

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    replace chest with heroic piece and upgrade it. prefer riverbed chestguard (temple of the jade serpent fishy man) as it is easiest and probably most optimal, hateshatter breastplate (taran zhu) and breastplate of the king's guard (spirit kings lfr). You could also get Garalon's Graven Caparace from LFR if you are that far along if you're fortunate enough, and lastly, you could buy the crafted chest.

    get commanding bracers off houndmaster in scarlet halls ( i really wouldn have bought those bracers, any jp gear is worthless. better spent upgrading items)

    outside of LFR though, gonna have to buy epics.
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    She just dinged this Tuesday and she's already high enough that people will take her on off days to MSV N/ even got in a HoF PUG. Do not buy BoE necks/rings/bracers, you can pay someone to carry you in 2s and get a 483. For a Warrior, I'd recommend sucking it up and waiting on CP for the legs, they are insane and better than tier ignoring set bonus due to the crit. Also, don't forget Justice upgrades - I did her weapon first, and then her trinket. Granted, I am wearing like 3 BoEs, 2 of which are 496 and the Darkmoon trinket, and I purchased the BoE DPS cloak to cheese ilvl and sol it for a profit after I got lucky on LFR Feng, but you can get a good ilvl very quickly. It helps if you have another character with good experience and enchant/gem/use consumables, however, and I noticed you don’t have any enchants, period.
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    Outside of buying crafted gear, there's really no other shortcuts, sadly. I agree that dominance offensive/operation: Shieldwall, is probably the best place to buy gear for pure item level purposes (Plus you get great story quests and the mobs give more black prince rep).

    Other than that, you really just need to pray for some gear drop luck
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    you can upgrade hc items from ilvl 463 to 471. enough to get into raidfinder.

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    Good point, but the grind to get all that JP? *shudder*
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    try doing random szenarios. they don't take very long and theres a good chance of getting 476 items out of the box

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    Every 463 to 471 JP ilvl upgrade = +0.5 average ilvl. Could also upgrade the tier gloves but you'd be better off buying one of the more easy to get epics such as the Golden Lotus ring or Klaxxi neck with your valor.

    Also as mentioned, farm conquest points for 483 gear.

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