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    The Secret World, couple questions

    It now says no longer required to subscribe to it. So im wondering once i buy the game how do they currently make profit? Is there a cash store... etc. Or is the game very limited until you do subscribe. Could someone fill me in on the required expenses of buying it, after i buy the actual game that is.

    Also is there still a fair amount of people to play with?

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    There is a cash shop.

    Future content patches will cost 5$ worth of funcom points (currency for the cash shop). Subscribers get 10$ worth of points a month and a free item and a exp booster. You can choose to buy the patch or skip it.

    Some patches will just have new missions so if you don't want new missions you dont have to buy it.

    Also use the megathread.

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    Please use the megathread for TSW discussion and questions.

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