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    [H] Area 52 - Precipice of War LF DPS/Heal OS, Tank/DPS OS.

    I am GM of The Precipice of War We have just moved to Area 52. We run a 10 man raid group and will be building a rated battleground group as well as a second 10 man group.

    Raid Times:
    Sunday 11pm-2am
    Tuesday 1am-4am
    Wednesday 1am-4am
    Talk to Fearöshimá on Area 52 for more info Looking specifically for tank with DPS OS. And Ranged DPS with a Healing OS.

    We have been Raiding together for 4 years and now are looking to start fresh on a lively server and push into Heroic modes and into more hardcore raiding while recruiting all kinds to fill our guild with a great community.
    Look for Aspiration to land on Area 52 soon, we hope to create a home for you as we settle into our new home.
    We are openly recruiting all levels and all classes.

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    Bump! All the way up!

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