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    [flyable] conditional stopped working :S

    Ok, this is driving me crazy. I resubbed yesteday and I'm levelling a monk, lvl 59 atm, and I'm using the very same macro I've always used for every single one of my characters but my lock who uses the Dreadsteed:

    /cast [flyable] Ashes of Al'ar(); Raven Lord

    As simple as that.

    I'm using an addon called Ion for my action bars.

    Here's the thing, up until an hour or so, this macro has always work as intented: if no riding skill, it wouldn't work; if only ground skill, it would ignore the flyable part and use the Raven Lord, even in a zone where it's possible to fly; once I get the flying riding skill, it uses the phoenix if possible, or the raven lord instead.

    Accidentally I've moved the macro from a bar slot to the next one and then I placed it back where it's always been. It no longer works, now it only reads the first part and tries to use the fenix everytime. I logged on a lvl 54 priest I never use, she has the exact same macro, it works. Back to my monk, it doesn't work. Logged out and disabled the addon, and placed the macro on a standar wow bar, it doesn't work on the monk but it does work on the priest.

    I've deleted it, rewritten it making sure there is no mistake in it, placed it somewhere else, moved it, renamed it, rewritten with other mounts... can't make it work on my monk -.-u.

    What the hell is going on? :S

    Edit: I've checked all my chars and it works on all of them but the Monk...

    Edit: Ok, I think i've figured out what's going on. It seems the macro doesn't work properly in Outland, it tries to use the flyable mount even if you don't have the flying riding skill yet, but it does work in Azeroth. Weird.
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