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    Well there was this one time my two roomates outright hated my boyfriend. Like even before we were dating they would always tell me to stay away from him and that he would hurt me. They said he had a reputation as a womanizer. And apparently my one roomates said he had this whole thing with her brother where he got all close to him and then stated saying shit about their family. I couldn't resist his charm though, he was just such a perfect gentleman.
    Anyway we got really close and then he asked me to meet him real late. Except when I went to see him it turns out he only wanted me for my soul, at which point he attempted to perform a dark ritual and devour my soul.

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    None of my friends say anything until someone breaks up, then all hell breaks loose.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    Sadly, with those actors... the "XXX Adaptation" should really be called 50 shades of watch a different porno.
    Muh main

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    A friend saying "she's ugly" or "he's ugly" is not a friend at all - they're only concerned about how they might look with you two out together, to supposedly better themselves.

    A friend with an issue with your partner's personality - well, you have to consider it. Is it because they're afraid they will be pushed out? Is that a valid concern? Obviously, with a new girlfriend/boyfriend, you'll be spending time with them a lot more than friends. Judge that and listen to any serious concerns they may have.

    Ultimately, you won't listen to them. It's human nature, we all ignore everything for love/lust/potential lust or love. But try.

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    Don't feel that really good friends have to lie to me about that. So if I'd be dating something that wouldn't let's say meet the current norms of an attractive woman they are entirely free to talk with me about it as long as it isn't too excessive. Didn't really happen yet although there were a couple of times where I have been made aware of personality flaws my dates were having which is also entirely fine. If someone happens to prefer to be lied to or not talk at all about it that is also no issue and I will just do that unless this is an extraordinary case.

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    I actually had this conversation with my friends the other night. One of my friends knew that I liked red heads and brought it up and I mentioned one of the red heads at my school that I thought was pretty and one of the two girls with me looked at me disgusted. It's possible she just did that, because she likes me, but whether she thinks that girl is pretty or not, I still think she's fine.

    Although, I don't know what I'd do if someone came up to me and said my girlfriend was ugly. Depends on who said it and how I felt about her. If it was an acquaintance, then I probably would chock it up to jealousy or something. If it was a close friend, then perhaps I'd take it more seriously. Honestly, though I'm pretty picky when it comes to who I date, so I probably would've thought about anything anyone could say about her before I dated her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    You win the thread, even as a gay man I cannot find bears attractive.
    Agreed. :S

    But oh well, to each his weird own.

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    I don't normally say anything, but when a guy in my team starts dating a woman that not only creates drama for him, but for all of us as well - I have to step in. This girl is a drama vortex... I can kinda deal with her fucking up his life with paranoia, accusations, snide comments and shit-stirring but then she started to do it to all his friends and the rest of us on his team. At that point we all stepped in and convinced him to end it.

    Like I said, everyone's free to make their own choices but when those choices start affecting me directly, I will say something. I mean FFS, the girl messaged my ex-wife on facebook and told her I'd cheated on her throughout our entire relationship.

    However, from my point of view - I am hugely attracted to redheads.. All my friends know this, they even post pictures of hot redheads and always point them out when we're out. LADS!
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    I can't imagine any of my friends criticising my choice of partner's looks - yeah, I have friends who find people attractive that I don't and vice versa, but no friend has ever felt the need to tell me that a partner has physical flaws they don't like. I like to think my friends aren't shallow like that and anyway, they know they're not the ones who has to look at them naked so it's not an issue :P

    Personality wise though, yeah... lots of clashes. I have a horrible track record for falling for guys in the past that my friends didn't approve of and if it's a personality conflict then my friends, especially my best friend will be very quick to tell me... mostly because they want to protect me from something though.

    I've had a tendency to go for guys that treat me quite badly and my friends always try to save me from getting hurt, although invariably, I rarely listen until it's too late. Even some of my friends dislike each other, right now, my best friend absolutely hates one of the people I spend a lot of time with online and game with - super awkward.

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    I cannot tolerate my female friends' opinions on the guys I like - they're always "oh he's too skinny" "he's a little bigger" "he's not hot" "he's a nerd"
    It drives me insane. :S
    I like nerds. I like skinny boys, but a guy doesn't have to be skinny. I've liked guys of all builds. I love nerds. They're fun and adorable and adorkable.
    My friends hate that.

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    Yup, but I'm with the person, not them, so it's all good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shekita View Post

    I like bears....yeah, look it up.

    So you could imagine the type of responses I get from all walks of life. It's mainly @[email protected]
    Wait, do you mean "Big Cuddly Bears" as in, tubby guys ...

    Or actual bona fide bears, with the fur, and the rabies, and the teeth and the desire to feast upon the marrow in your bones?

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    No, none of my friends are immature assholes.

    Nor do I have to like the way their partners look; I am completely apathetic to that kind of thing. I can't fathom why this matters to people. Do you want to be attracted to your friends' partners?

    Hell, I don't even have to like their personalities (and often don't), as long as their personalities are a good fit for my friend. Because they're the one with them, so all that matters is how good they are for them. not for me, not for anyone.

    Kinda surprises me glancing through this thread how many people have friends that feel like it is okay to comment on this kind of shit.
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    Not really, some friends criticized me for going too young (dated 16 when i was 19, dated 17 when was 22, dated 19 when 23, dating 22 when im 25) time to time but aside from that no.
    Do have quite a lot of preferences, but only for myself, i wont date outside of what i like, it wont work really, as sooner or later you will regret it.

    Others? they can date whatever they want, they like black dudes? go for it, they like asian chicks? go for it, they prefer to have sex with dogs? go for it.
    Why should it bother me, if i cant relate to his/her partner, i wont hang out with her/him, i have no right to judge.

    At best, i will voice my opinion when i think the type of person is unappropriated (ie, cheater/whore) but will cease to even care if my friend tells me he/she is ok with it and its what he/she wants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naidia View Post
    Yup, but I'm with the person, not them, so it's all good.
    My take as well, it is my girl i love, not my friends, in fact no matter how much i like my friends, if the world would end and i could only save one, would be my girl, everyone else? would turn into good roasty supplies for the months to come.
    Ok, i wouldnt eat them, but shows how much more I value my girl.
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    My friends have never complained about my taste in women. Would not care at all if they did though Also I do not care who my friends are dating, aslong as they are happy

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