Hello all interested persons!

<The Syndicate> is primarily an adult alliance guild with players ranging in age 18+. We are a guild focused on enjoying the game and not taking it too seriously but willing to do what's necessary to finish content. We finished Cata with completing all of the raids on normal and heroic Morchok and Ultraxion. We also like to run old content and gather achievements, mounts, and transmog gear from them.

We are looking for quality players and above all friendly people. We offer help to all guildies in whatever way we can be it through running heroics for gear, professions, and general information.

For Mists, <The Syndicate> is attempting to clear the current tier on normal before the next raid content emerges in patch 5.2 and in order to do so we are in dire need of new recruits to form a core raid team to clear content. We enjoy raiding without all the screaming at people when things go wrong. Our raid times are currently 7:30 pm - 9:30 (realm time [CST]) pm 2 nights a week. We feel any longer past 2 hours, our players become burnt out and become less effective at doing their job.

If you would like to raid with us, we ask that you have at least completed the LFR versions available. We looking for all classes but are highly interested in geared healers and tanks and a geared dps off spec. We will help raiders get "raid ready" if need be. To raid we also require you to have access to vent (Ventrilio), you do not have to talk you just have to be able to listen to instructions and call outs during raid.

If you would like to join <The Syndicate>, please contact any of these players with an in game mail or whisper: Byni, Wynisam, Woodward(GM), Sladen(GM), or Wilhelmm(Officer). If you would specifically like to join to raid please contact Byni or Wynisam with an in game mail or whisper.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope to hear from any potential recruits!