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    [Movies] where can I look up all movies playing on HBO this week?

    Not sure if this belongs here, sorry if posted in wrong place.

    Basically I'd like to have a list of HBO movies that are playing this week/month (or some other time period - hopefully longer than a day).
    What I would ultimately like to do is DVR all movies on HBO that I haven't seen, so I can watch them when there's time.
    It often happens that I'm flipping through channels, and I see a movie I'd like to watch, but it's not going to play for another week if ever.

    I'm not interested in watching the movies online, and I do not have hbo on demand.

    I just tried looking this up in tv-guide and hbo.com, and haven't been successful. If this info is available somewhere, could I please get a link.

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    Tvguide.com lists the next 2 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grandpab View Post
    Tvguide.com lists the next 2 weeks.
    Thank you, the best I found so far in tvguide.com is to look at what's playing on hbo at 10, 10:30, etc. so same movie keeps getting repeated multiple times.
    I'd like to just have a listing of movies instead of looking through them at half-hour increments of what's playing when.
    Just a plain list of all movies (hopefully with show-times associated with them). So basically instead of a grid of times with movies playing, I'd like to see a grid of movies with their showtimes (kind of like they have it in movie theater).

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    Their website works too =p http://www.hbo.com/#/schedule

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