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    Looking to trade for Fungal Abomination and Giant Bone Spider.

    I'm looking to finish Looking for Leashes, not having the best luck in Naxx I'd like to trade a few extras I've gotten for either of these:

    Your: -Fungal Abomination (Loatheb) -Giant Bone Spider (Maexxna)

    For my: -Chrominimus (Chromaggus) -Corefire Imp (Maggmadar) -Harbinger of Flame (Sulfrion Harbinger)

    I have quite a few other pets from children's week and other such events to offer but its way too many to list. All of the pets i am offering are level 1 and not expecting anything but the same.

    I will make a new toon on your realm and make the trade (pets only). Send me a PM here if you'd like to get my Bnet tag to work out any deal before hand.

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    Are you EU or US? I've PM'd you^
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    My bad haha I'm US

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    I'm sorry, but buying, selling, and trading through our site is forbidden. Closing

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