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    I was troll on my mage when I was horde and found it to be amazing compared to goblin, which was my other race for a while.

    If you like a more active playstyle than I would suggest troll over pandas, especially for fire since you can pop zerking right before combustion to snag an extra tick or two.

    If you are mastery-arcane I would go with Undead and for haste-arcane I would go with Troll.

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    I wonder if someone actually did some hard testing and theorycrafting regarding frost spec and how good are Orcs with it.
    After all, 5% pet damage as well as +SP transferring to the pet is big enough to make a difference.
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    if all you were going to play was frost then it would probably be the best choice for orc racial but they already hinted at racial changes since a lot of people go horde for the better pve racials. of course they should have said that 6 years ago but hey better late than never... imo they should buff alliance racials instead of nerfing horde
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    Orc pet racial has been 2% for quite some time, It was nerfed from 5% to 2%

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    Troll. The buffs are comparable, but with Berserking being a cooldown you're able to stack it with other cooldowns to gain incrementally more bang for the buck.

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    I decided to go with Troll. Mainly because Berserking lines up with Arcane Power and Alter Time.

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    couldn't stand looking at trolls love pandas

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    Quote Originally Posted by pyrostorm9001 View Post
    This is something i was very interested in, as the tool tip for TotG suggests Shadow damage only, thus the only Mastery this would scale with is Unholy DK mastery.
    I have also wanted to know if the application of TotG can proc an AM
    I don't know where you're getting that theory from. The Arcane mastery increases ALL SPELL DAMAGE based on the amount of mana you have unspent. Shadow damage is spell damage. The Frost mastery increases all damage you deal against frozen targets. This doesn't matter against bosses, since the only damaging spell that benefits from Fingers of Frost is Ice Lance, so that and a Brain Freezed Frostfire Bolt are the only spells that benefit from the mastery, but against any trash that you can frost nova and in PvP, Touch of the Grave's damage can be increased by Frostburn. Fire is the only Mage mastery that Touch of the Grave wouldn't scale with.

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    Thank you for that. I guess I had it in my head that the mastery only effected its own school.

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    I believe Troll is the strongest overall due to it lining up with cooldowns better.
    I think Orc sims higher with a wand though.

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    How does the wand change anything?

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    I have to say, I run as a troll and as frost in pvp it's the best class. Just make a macro for /cast berserk /cast icy vains /use pvp trinket and burn your foes like sticks ( well, except that you use frost xD...but you get the point )
    But be warned: if aesthetics are very important to you, DO NOT go for the class with best racials, cause in the end, there isn't much of a gap between classes. As other's said, it's all situational.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seikilos View Post
    How does the wand change anything?
    im pretty sure its been fixed now, but orcs would get 1% expertise from wands because for some odd reason it became classed as a 1h axe when wands stopped becoming offhand things

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