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    Youtube - What's going on? For crying out loud!

    Me and many friends like me are having increasing problems with videos on youtube. Right now, I'm trying to load a 3 minute video but it keeps stopping and cutting the video off, cutting 2 of the 3 minutes out and simply not showing them. It takes me 10 minutes to make this video work. But I can download 4-5 GB's of data in 45-60 minutes through any other means, no problem.

    A friend of mine has a 100MB connection and has the exact same issue.

    And now I'm hearing that Youtube wants to make us pay them? Is this shit for real? You'd think the last problem they'd have with all the money from Google are slow servers and wanting MORE money.

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    There's something off with youtube for me as well. Has been for some time. Seems to just cut out.

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    I have issues with youtube as well. Particularly slow buffering speeds etc.

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    Aye. I've the same problem as you with a 100MB line also. It randomly happens, then stops for a few months >.<. Tought it was only me D:.

    If youtube ends up going pay per view, they'll probably stop soon enough with lots of people being against it.

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    Im beginning to hate youtube a little bit more ever day
    I used to love the idea behind and everything else about it, but thats ever so slowly dying :/

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    I'll quote myself from like a month ago

    "Explain this to me
    Youtube gets millions of money
    Millions of views
    Thousands of visit per second
    But half of the shitty porn sites have a better video player than youtube"

    OT : I've been having massive issues with Youtube as well

    Edit : Annotations don't seem to go off anymore. Not to mention not being able to use them on a lot of my videos
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    I also have issues with YT aswell, especially on the mobile version. Videos of a hour on a random site would load sooner than some random 3 minute clips on youtube.
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    i haven't had a problem with it all day

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    Having the same issues, along with most of my mates. It's really bad when you can't watch a 360p video without having to buffer every 5 sec

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    Works fine here. Sometimes it's not YouTube, just you
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    Having problems with buffering speed. Videos stopping randomly in the middle of buffering etc.

    Sometimes it works when I try a lower resolution, but that kind of ruins the video(s) completely for me.
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    Maybe i am wrong, must of you guys having the problem are in EU correct?

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    My youtube often stop after exactly 58 seconds and starts buffering to never actually run again. Don’t know why this happens, but it bugs the hell out of me. Noticed it’s mostly on videos with commercials appearing after 10 seconds.

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    Dude sometimes when I'm watching a music video on youtube, it literally cuts out halfway through the song and gives me a commercial/advertisement, then when it's over it goes back to where I was in the song. Un-be-lievable!

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    Guildies complaining of the same thing. I have a mediocre internet connection and have no problems myself (in UK)

    *shrug* hope it passes...
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    You are full of shit.

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    I have an issue where most videos start on 240p on default. If I change it any higher then the buffering problems often occur even though I have a 10mb connection. Coincidentally if the video starts on something other than 240p by itself then usually it buffers just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kabookiejoez View Post
    Maybe i am wrong, must of you guys having the problem are in EU correct?
    I am, but I seriously have no issues with YT right now. I am playing my 1080p playlist including video tracks and everything loads almost instantly. It must be something provider related.

    I am a German Telekom customer.
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    Having problems with YouTube as well. If I playback at 360p it's fine, but 1080p and it cuts the video down to either a few seconds or removes 2-3 minutes of the end.

    My computer at home however hasn't had any problems. School computers only have IE9 here, but I don't think it's browser related.
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    Same problem here for me got the problem around the newest layout change i have found that if you turn off flash in taskmanager and refresh the page it sometimes fixes it for a hour or less and sometimes it doesent >.>

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    Yeh ive noticed this aswell but some times it works fine

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