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    Tsm, enchanting and missing crafting cost.

    So i already use tsm for jewelcrafting which works mostly fine. I just create some groups set them up. For jewelcrafting i use a price threshold of 500% of vendor sell price and a fallback price of 150% of AuctionDB market value.
    Since enchanting scrolls are like 10 silver to sell at vendorprice this wont work very well.
    So i used 110% price threshold of the crafting cost and 200% fallback of crafting cost too.
    And this doesnt work because apperantly tsm doesnt know the crafting cost.

    And now i have absolutly no idea how i can get tsm that information...please help me!
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    If I'm not wrong I seem to remember theres a guide for setting up enchanting with TSM on the consortium forums.
    - that's the best place to ask too anyways

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    I had similiar problem with TSM not finding crafting cost... Try to clear crafting queue and manually select one craft that TSM doesn't recognise crafting cost on, then check from bottom on shopping list that what material price it doesn't recognise (this is causing the problem). Then go to crafting-enchanting and select materials from side bar, find the material that doesn't have price, and set some custom value for it. Then it should work (except that the value TSM recognises for that material is your custom value instead of real value).
    I quess that it is not recognising value automatically because there isn't any of that item in AH (that was my case), so I quess that if you just leave that thing and keep scanning until on one scan there is that missing material, it will set value for itself.

    I had similiar problems before and got quick help from official TSM forums on stormspire.net , i recommend that site.

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