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    Sha of Fear (10H). Lei's Hope Buff.

    My guild is at the moment trying to reach phase 2 so we gain Lei's Hope. We're having many problems doing it and I would like to know if phase 1 is supposed to be that hard before gaining Lei's Hope.

    What kind of strategy is highly recommended to do this? and... what's Lei's Hope duration? I heard 12 hours but I'd like to know.

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    I haven't done it yet but I know the arrow guys do not fire randomly. They each have a pattern. The idea is to learn to pattern so people don't get hit.

    While I don't know the exact time of the buff my assumption would be until the instance does some kind of soft reset.

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    except for the initial bloodlust burst your dds might want to save CDs for the platforms. if you haven't yet make sure everyone in your raid knows the dread spray patterns, there are videos available explaining them in detail. honestly though, that's all there is. p1 used to be a pain before the nerf because you had to push the boss to 50% HP with a tight enrage timer. but since the nerf to make sha transition @ 66.5% p1 is very easy compared to p2.
    for your initial p2 push you might want to stop killing adds at around 75% and instead just use potion and burn the boss.
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    Lei Hope lasts the entire P1 on any following attempts.

    The buff however is resetted after an Hard reset of the Instance (Everyone leaves the Instance for at least on Hour).

    And no, P1 is easy as hell, just keep collecting those orbs on the platforms and dodge the Dread Spray properly.

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    Download "shaoffearassist" addon and it'll make the bowmen really easy.

    Get a spec that is most suited for killing the bowmen and keep your main goal as getting to p2, not killing the boss. After you get the buff, change specs to be best for the 2nd phase. Stop killing Dread Spawns (the adds, not 100% sure about their name) after around 75%, we usually let our DPS kill all adds until the 2nd bowman group returns and finishes all the low HP adds.

    You can also double pot if it's necessary.

    Lei's Hope buff resets at least every night. I can't say for sure if it has a timer or not but it always reseted for us before our next raid.
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