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    Need help understanding why I got banned.

    So I got banned and I REALLY dont understand why?

    Game 1; I said ashe threw the game? or what was it that got me banned here?
    Guess I got reported by Ashe raging at me, blaming me for dying all the time?

    Game 2; I got decent stats, high farm, didnt flame, didnt do anything wrong, I was nice against trolling team .. still punishment?
    Rengar prob reporting me for buying "wrong" items?

    Game 3; I got high farm, died a few times, but notice I mentioned SEVERAL times that I was alone botlane 1v2 .. I guess I got banned for saying worse leona ever?
    Only game I really can say I didnt anything bad. Argueing with Leona and he prob reported me also

    Game 4; I dont understand, dont have "bad" stats I didnt flame etc

    Can someone please explain why I just got banned for a week?

    I'm going to complain at Riot, but I suppose nothing will happend there either. I HONESTLY dont see how I broke the code of conduct here.

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    You came across as a total dick in that exchange there. I would guess a lot of the people who voted on that picked up on it. The guy playing Ashe was pretty mad at you and you kept provoking responses out of him well beyond trying to simply make a point.
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    Game 1: you are mocking ashe: probably instead of helping her (I know it's annoying but thats your job) - you could have got a mental black mark from the case reviewer for your attitude?

    Game 2: No reason in this game really.

    Game 3: You were being a lil bit of a dick .

    Twitch [00:14:36] Ive been alone bot lane the whole game
    Leona [00:14:37] good job
    Leona [00:14:45] im helping other lane
    Twitch [00:14:47] Seriously worthless support
    Leona [00:14:48] you have only to farm
    Twitch [00:14:51] I CANT FUCKING FARM
    Twitch [00:14:54] ARE YOU SO SLOW?

    Game 4: Flaming someone as the worst disguised "compliment" ever won't cut it... the tribunal isn't totally stupid

    Katarina [00:21:13] IM NOT COMPLAING
    Katarina [00:21:14] IM SAYING
    Katarina [00:21:17] YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD
    Katarina [00:21:19] IS THAT A COMPLAINT?

    Basically: Belittling someone else won't help your mistakes, make you seem more "pro", or encourage your team to try harder and play better!
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    Read it, if you can't figure out where you violated it then you're probably going to get banned again.
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    From what I could read from the incoherent bable, it looks like you were being quite the jerk in 1/3/4 mostly.

    Katarina [00:21:13] IM NOT COMPLAING

    ^Though it made me laugh!

    I request that you please post whatever you send to Riot here.

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    You were pretty much being an asshole in most of those games. Game 2 less so, but harassing people and saying i'ma report you is pretty negative. Closing this thread, we do not allow them.

    And don't use the vent thread for complaining that you were banned, that's not it's purpose. If you got banned, 99% of the time you absolutely deserved it.

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