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    thumbs up and thumbs down per reply?

    So I was wondering why can't you rate the replies we like in a mmo-champion thread yet?
    If it gets enough thumbs up, the background of that post reply is highlighted
    If it gets too many thumbs down, it becomes hidden and must be manually clicked to read it

    No more needing to quote someone else's wording and replying "what this guy said" and getting infracted for it. And no more false rumor spreading, etc

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    In the FAQ
    Q: Can you add like/dislike buttons to the forums?
    A: It's possible that this might be added in the future. The biggest problem regarding this suggestion is simply how large the site is, and trying to find a way to make it work for us. There's no sort of ETA on it happening. (Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Sunshine View Post
    The problem with this is the "dislike" button or the "vote down" button because an "I don't like you" button or an "I disagree with you" button, and people start using it maliciously.
    The hidden part that you're suggesting is a big issue when it comes to like / dislike on a forum this big. There will always be clashing opinions.
    We have a forum / subforum for games other than World of Warcraft, and this being primarily a World of Warcraft, will always have some hate flying around.
    The likes / dislikes isn't really used 'properly' for posts that are constructive or informative. It's just used for people that agree with something. It's just way too abusive for a site this big.

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